Mother’s Day 2020: Why Mothers Day is Celebrated?

Mother's Day 2020

Mother’s Day 2020: Mother is the only person in our life who never takes rest. She works 365 days round the clock to take care of the whole family. Even if she is tired she will not let you know that she is tired. The only person who never takes a leave.

So, to honour and celebrate the importance of mothers in our life, every year a day is dedicated just for them. And that day is elebrated as Mother’s Day, it is observed on the second Sunday of May every year. This year it will be observed on May 10.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. In the United Kingdom, it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of March. UK  commemorates the memory of Mother Church on Christian Mothering Sunday.

Mother’s day is around the corner go make it special for your mother but do you know how this day came into existence? Their is a story behind this day.

Why Is Mothers Day Celebrated?

A woman called Anna Jarvis had held a memorial for her mother when she passed away in 1905, is the reason behind the celebration of the day. It was also her who had started a campaign to recognise Mother’s Day as a holiday in the United States.

Thank your mother for her selfless services. On this day you got a special opportunity to amend your mistakes. Go ahead and make this day special for your mother. Even the smallest gesture can make your mother happy.

“It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?” —Mahatma Gandhi