Royal Challengers Bangalore on Friday has defeated Kolkata Knight Riders by 10 runs.
Earlier Kolkata won the toss and opted to bowl first.

Putting to bat, Bangalore set a victory target of 214 runs for Kolkata Knight Riders
at Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

Leading from the front right handed batsman Virat Kohli’s 100 came from 58-ball as he hit 9-boundaries and 4-sixes and Moeen Ali’s blistering 66 runs came from 28-ball with five-boundaries and 6-Sixes that made the total of 213.

KKR need to score 214 runs to win in 20 overs.

A sensational innings by Nitish Rana gave a neck and neck competition to Bangalore, who scored 85 (not out) with 9-boundaries and five-sixes. On the other side Andre Russel’s powerful innings lit the lamp of hope for Kolkata’s fan. He made 65 (run out) with two-boundaries and 9-sixes.

However, Russel’s powerful innings couldnot bring the team to the vicotry mark and they face a defeat by 10 runs.