Gold Paste On The Pants Of The Accused (Image; ANI)
Gold Paste On The Pants Of The Accused (Image; ANI)

You must have heard or seen in movies the smuggling of gold in the form of biscuits and jewellery but a passenger arrested at Kannaur Airport of Kerala was trying to do this in a strange manner.

The Air Intelligence Unit and the Customs Department on Monday, seized gold worth ₹ 14 lakh at the airport from a passenger who had managed to hide gold in the form of paste in his double layered pants. The quantity of the gold paste was about 302 grams.

The accused was attempting to smuggle the gold as a thin paste that was hidden between the layers of the pair of pants that the he was wearing. The image shared by ANI features the double-layered pants in question that has been cut up to reveal the said gold paste. The image shows the stark-yellow, gold paste spread all along the length of the pants.

Quoting Customs Preventive Unit in Kochi, ANI tweeted:

Since this bizarre story broke out, it created a buzz on the social media and users reacted to this in a sarcastic way.

“India’s Got Talent”. Joked a user

“Innovation and You”, joked another user.

“Wonder how do these peeps manage to come up with innovative ways to smuggle gold, every single day or two!!”, a user raised a question on this and recent past few cases of gold smuggling.

Last week, a man was arrested at Mangalore International Airport for smuggling gold worth approximately Rs. 5,58,900 after his arrival from Dubai.


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