Gurugram: Differently Abled Girl Denied Entry in Restaurant With Wheelchair, Owner Apologise [Pic: ANI]
Gurugram: Differently Abled Girl Denied Entry in Restaurant With Wheelchair, Owner Apologise [Pic: ANI]

Differently Abled Girl Denied Entry in Gurugram Restaurant With Wheelchair: On 12 February, Srishti Pandey, a resident of Delhi was denied entry in a prominent restaurant of Gurugram as she wanted to brought her wheelchair inside the restaurant. The restaurant stated that “It would disturb other customers”

He Told Us, “Customers Will Get Disturbed”: Srishti Pandey

The incident came to light when Srishti tweeted about being denied from entering the restaurant Raasta, at Cyber Hub, Guruguram. She said in a series of tweets that how the restaurant staff firstly ignored her and then said that “Wheelchair andar nahi jaygi”

The third time he asked, the staff replied with “wheelchair andar nahi jaygi” (The wheelchair can’t go inside).
We thought it was an accessibility issue, but it wasn’t. We told him that we’d manage, just book us a table. What he said next left all of shocked for a while.

After a lot of arguments, Srishti and her friends were allowed to get a table outside the restaurant but she said that, “The outside seating was ridiculous. It was getting cold. And I can’t sit out in cold for long because my body gets spastic. It’s literally unsafe for me.”

Srishti further stated that, “Why should I be made to sit outside anyway? segregated from everyone else? If we wanted an outside seating we would have asked for it? Eventually we were asked to leave. Obviously”.

This is Not The First Time With This Type of Treatment: Srishti Pandey

Differently abled girl, Srishti told ANI that this is not the first time she has faced this type of treatment. ”This is not the first time, I have been denied access to schools & educational institutions in general, several other places & now it’s eatery as well. It’s like no one wants me anywhere at all”. She told news agency ANI.

After Srishti’s tweet thread got viral on social media, Gurugram’s restaurant Raasta’s founder & partner Goumtesh Singh replied to her tweet by an apolgoy. He wrote, “I am personally looking into this incident. Let me start by apologising on behalf of entire team for any bad experience that you may have had. Please rest assured if any of our members is found in the wrong, appropriate action will be taken against them”.

Goumtesh further today, tweeted an apology note assuring that the accused staff will personally apologise to Srishti.

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