Go Back Amit Shah Trends on Twitter

Go Back Amit Shah trended on Twitter a day before Union Home Minister Amit Shah's visit to Tamil Nadu.

Go back amit shah trends on twitter

Go Back Amit Shah: In Tamil Nadu, Go Back Modi has trended on social media every time the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited the state in the recent past.

But this time #GoBackAmitShah has trended on Twitter a day before Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to the State.

The Hashtag #GoBackAmitShah has been trending on Twitter at the top spot. At the time of writing this article, the hashtag has been tweeted with more than 45K times.

Go Back Amit Shah remained the top trend on twitter as Amit Shah is visiting the State on Saturday.

On the other hand, the BJP supporters have also started trending ‘TN Welcomes Amit Shah’.

The Hashtag #TNWelcomesAmitShah was trending on the second spot with more than 30K tweets.

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Amit Shah will be in Chennai on Saturday (November 21) to take part in government events and meet representatives of the party. State elections are due in six months in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu is one of the few States that remain a challenge for Bhartiya Janta Party. BJP is pinning its hopes on Amit Shah’s visit to enthuse its cadre.

Tamil Nadu BJP chief Dr L Murugan said that Amit Shah’s visit to the state will instill fear amongst the political parties.

The AIADMK, however, said that Amit Shah’s visit is for the BJP and it will have no impact on Tamil Nadu’s ruling party.


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